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由厨葉 Yuzuha, the Daughter of Darkness

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Imagine the darkness in love with the light!

"Here is a world where light cannot get at. Did you like the unseasonable gift?"

由厨葉 Yuzuha, from Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu no Eve (Tenchi 2, Daughter of Darkness), is my favorite anime character. Enjoy this site dedicated to her!

Yuzuha making her present!

Cel Gallery

The following are original animation cels in my collection. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size images and information about the cels.

Yuzuha as a Juraian Girl, from the first scene of the movie.Yuzuha dreaming...Yuzuha is watching the monitor detach from the wall and float towards her.Well, maybe for the Prince, a Christmas...That's more like it!I have many things...Yuzuha is found out!
Yuzuha is found out!Bring me the prince!Do you plan to disobey me?You're mine!What should I do with you?Yuzuha wounded by Mayuka.Yuzuha has transformed into a winged demon.
Yuzuha doing her final attack on Tenchi!Yuzuha at the end.     

The Voice of Yuzuha

You Inoue, Japanese voice actress.
You Inoue


The Yuzuha FAQ Page contains detailed information about Yuzuha, including facts not evident in the movie.


Yuzuha, Daughter of Darkness.
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