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Here are some vintage Pan American materials from my private collection (unless otherwise noted):

1937 Transpacific Brochure.This is a brochure that Pan American published in 1937 to promote the transpacific China Clipper service from San Francisco to Hawaii, Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam, Manila, and Hong Kong.
Photographs of Pan American's Martin 130 Clippers and Wake Island in 1936. Photos of Pan American Clippers and Wake Island in 1936 - from the collection of William B. Voortmeyer. Reproduced here by permission.
1948 Pan Am filmstrip. Some pictures from a filmstrip that Pan American produced in 1948 for use by grade schools. Includes some rare color photography of Pan Am's Lockheed Constellations and Douglas DC4s.
Other Pan Am items. This page contains other items from my collection. The contents of this page will change from time to time.


Pan American World Airways, Inc. and Eclipse Holdings, Inc. claim rights to the Pan Am names, trademarks, and logos. Eclipse Holdings, Inc. has filed documentation with the Department of Transportation regarding its claim. Please see filing OST-99-5945. Also, the Court file at US District Court, 500 Pearl St., New York, NY 10007 (Case 95-Civ-2763 (LMM)).

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