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Yuzuha Found Out

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Yuzuha is found out!

Yuzuha is found out by the Tenchi clan! Katsuhito and Washu have burst into Tenchi's room and discovered Yuzuha as the force behind the troubles concerning Mayuka's appearance. Yuzuha's presence in Tenchi's world is a hologram projected by Mayuka's Startica present for Tenchi. In the movie, this image appears only for an instant and has a yellowgreenish cast with the background visible beneath, to give the appearance of a hologram. The cel itself, however, is a regular colored and opaque cel. (0:38:12 or Title 1, Chapter 18, 0:01:29 of the U.S.A. release DVD)

Yuzuha is found out!
This cel is not visible in the U.S.A. release, but apparently it would follow a few cels after the cel above. Perhaps the scene was longer and was edited prior to release.

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