Cats I Have Known


Hobie's Story

Arrival of Foulla and Yapou

Tribute to Foulla (Little Girl)

Tribute to Yapou (Mr. Boy)

These are cats I have known over the years. The pictures and stories are my tribute to each of them.


1974? - 1992

The number one cat of my life. I took him in off the street in September 1981. A real character, no tribute is too great for the likes of him.

Hobie's story

The first photo taken of Hobie. Hobie shortly after he arrived at my house. Hobie at his prime - surveying his domain. The last photo of Hobie.


1991 - 2009

A female red Somali cat. She came to me along with her brother Yapou in July 1993. I usually called her "Girl".

Tribute to Foulla (Little Girl)

Foulla as a kitten. Foulla, 1993, classic Somali cat pose. Foulla, 1996, classic pose. Foulla, 2008, on a chair. Foulla, 2008.

A tribute to Foulla (Little Girl) from gaaraxhinata6666.


1991 - 2008

A male red Somali cat. He came to me along with his sister Foulla in July 1993. I usually called him "Mr Boy".

Tribute to Yapou (Mr. Boy)

Yapou as a kitten. Yapou as he was on arrival. Yapou, 2003. Yapou. The last photo of Yapou.

A tribute to Yapou (Mr Boy) from Reyelene.
A tribute to Yapou (Mr Boy) from gaaraxhinata6666.

The story of how Foulla and Yapou came to me

First Cat

A female, long haired, dark gray and white cat. My brother brought her to me in 1979. She was with me for about a year. I never took a picture of her. I remember people saying she was a beautiful little cat. She was a difficult one to be with. Of course, so was I back then. And, I didn't know much about cats at that time. I never really named her. When the vet asked me for a name, I said "Kit Kat", but I never called her that. These days, I call her "First Cat", which seems to work for me. I still remember her.

Silhouette of a cat.

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