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You Inoue

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You Inoue, Japanese voice actress.

You Inoue is the voice of Yuzuha in the original Japanese soundtrack.

Character voice comments by You Inoue: "I got this script five days before post-recording. The script included some portions of pictures of Yuzuha. "How cute she is!" I thought. However, I was surprised after the script. There were many lines which I could not imagine from the cute pictures. Where I did not have a feeling of wrongness [sic] was the part where she met with Yosho...[but] I was worried about how to cope with it. How could I fill the gap...I think this is a madly sad love story."

"The dark loves the it funny? However, we can stop to love someone - the heart which love the others. Love is like an accident, isn't it? We cannot preconsider the encounter...Yuzuha makes a mess of everything she wants to do for her love. Touching, isn't she? I wonder if you preceived Yuzuha's loneliness. She just felt lonely having no one to be with. Even very strong persons cannot live alone, and I know that every person is not alone."

Audio file in Japanese.Yuzuha plotting her revenge, performed by You Inoue. "Well, maybe for the Prince a Christmas - no, a summer Startica present is what I should send him. I'll send him what I promised on that day. Startica!"

Audio file in Japanese.Yuzuha's last words, performed by You Inoue. "Imagine the darkness in love with the light!"

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