You Inoue. 
You Inoue written, variant #1.井上 瑤 You Inoue, voice actress (seiyuu).You Inoue written, variant #2.

井上 瑤 You Inoue

Alternate spellings: Yo Inoue, Yô Inoue, Yoo Inoue, Yoh Inoue.
Alternately credited as: Haruka Igami, Haruka Inoue
Real name: Yumi Shitsukawa
Born: December 4, 1946
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: AB
Died: February 28, 2003

Agency: Tokyo Haiyu Seikatsu Kyodo Kumiai (Haikyo Tokyo Actor Livelihood Cooperative Association) - 1997 until her passing. Previously represented by Production Baobab, Office Osawa, and others.

Ms You Inoue passed away February 28, 2003, 9:29 a.m. Ms Inoue's physical condition deteriorated due to cancer in the winter of 2001. She had an operation sometime in 2002 and was rehospitalized in December 2002. Her condition changed suddenly during the latter part of February 2003 and she died February 28 of cancer (lung edema) aged 56 years. A private funeral with family and close friends only was held in Tokyo on March 6. We pray for her happiness in the next world...

Ms Inoue was a seiyuu whose voice talents spanned a considerable range. Consider Ran of Urusei Yatsura, which required Ms Inoue to provide a soft, cutesy voice when Ran was being coy, and moments later build up to a powerful, angry voice with an edge to it. Ms Inoue could also perform the serious, mature voice of Kanuka of Patlabor, and give an edge of excitement at the right moment for comedic or dramatic effect. The ultimate example of Ms Inoue's talents is Yuzuha in the second Tenchi Muyo movie. Yuzuha is a very emotional character and provided quite an opportunity for Ms Inoue to demonstrate her voice acting ability.

The following lists of roles are compiled from many sources, including Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu database and the Internet Movie Database.

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Yuzuha, Daughter of Darkness.
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