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1948 Filmstrip


These are photos from a filmstrip entitled Airplanes At Work. (Remember film projectors? They used them a lot in schools back in the 50s. This filmstrip is one of those that would have been shown using such a projector.) The quality of the photos leaves something to be desired, but, hey, considering the age and where these have been, they are quite good.

Pan American World Airways Presents.

The title slide.

Pan American Lockheed Constellation in flight.

A Pan American Lockheed Constellation in flight.

Servicing engines, Pan American Constellation.

Servicing the engines of a Constellation.

Pan American Constellation being fueled.

Filling the fuel tanks of a Constellation.

Loading baggage into a DC4.

Loading baggage into a Douglas DC4. Note that baggage is being loaded using a conveyor belt - no containers or roomy cargo compartments like today's airliners.

Control tower.

A 1940s control tower scene with a Douglas DC4 in the background.

Boarding a Pan American Constellation.

Passengers boarding a Pan American Constellation. No jet ways here! Also, note that passengers enter the plane from the left rear door. This was typical of piston engine propliners.

Assisting passengers with seatbelts.

Assisting passengers with seatbelts. Service was more personal, then.

Aircraft interior.

The interior of the Douglas DC4.

Passenger service.

Service for passengers in the 1940s and 1950s was this good. Note the color of the flight attendant's uniform - powder blue. That was the color of Pan Am's flight attendant uniform back in the 40s and 50s.

Aircraft sleeper berths.

Flying back then was this luxurious, with real berths on planes used for long flights. This was necessary, too. After all, a flight from San Francisco to Hawaii could take 12 hours or more.

Catalina flying boat.

This slide was used to show long distance ocean patrols. The plane shown is quite appropriate to the task - a Consolidated Catalina flying boat.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed the filmstrip!