井上 瑤 You Inoue.

井上 瑤 You Inoue - List of Other Roles

Animation CD

RanUrusei Yatsura, Only You (LP version)
unknownUrusei Yatsura 4, Lum the Forever (LP version)
Clancy KanukaKidô Keisatsu Patorebâ 2 Chikemaga CD
unknownVoice Theater Series Yuku Kawa no Nagare
Saki SyaraMirai ho-ro Galdean Dainekketsu (cassette novel)
Saki SyaraMirai ho-ro Galdean Daikageki
Gepurunicchi (Gepelnich) IwaanoMacross 7 Docking Festival


Kikka, Sayla MassKido Senshi Gundum ver. 2.0, Sony Playstation
Sayla MassKido Senshi Gundum Perfect One Year War, Sony Playstation
Wataru TateshinaSoKaigi, Sony Playstation

Dubbing an English Film into Japanese

unknownAgatha Christie "Miss Marple"


Bandai Haro interactive toy.

Bandai's interactive toy of the character Haro from the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Audio file in Japanese. Haro

voice of computerQuiz Q&Q
narratorMorning Eye
unknownPuppet Show Theater for Children: "Hagoromo," "Omusubi Kororin," and "Futari No Okaasan."

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