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This site went live on September 1997. The site is unique in several topics are covered within the file system, each having their own home page. Each topic's home page has its own look and feel. Many of the topic home pages of this site rank in the top five of the major search engines for their specific subject matter.

I started this site to learn web site creation and administration. I also wanted to experiment with multimedia information delivery. However, the site took on a life of its own. The site's statistics show that a broad spectrum of users are accessing the site from all over the world. As a result, using the site for experimentation and multimedia delivery is limited to a very small area.

The site was originally developed using Adobe PageMill. None of those original pages still exist. Up until 2011, about 95% of the HTML in the pages of this site were hand coded using Windows Notepad. In a few instances, Macromedia Dreamweaver was used to speed up development of a page. Once the page was created in Dreamweaver, the HTML was cleaned up by hand using Windows Notepad. The image files throughout this site were created using either CompuShow (the very oldest ones) or Macromedia Fireworks. In most cases, image files were edited using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. However, all edited image files were processed through Fireworks before posting on the web site.

This site is developed with a strong sensitivity to the needs of users with less than multimedia class equipment and with slow connections to the Internet. The emphasis is on content and accessibility.

This site was originally hosted on west.net. The site was moved to a new domain and a new web host on February 2011. The new web host has allowed the site to grow again, as it was max'd out per the terms of service of its original web host. As a result, new and updated pages are developed in Dreamweaver CS3 and images are processed with a variety of applications (GIMP, Elements, Fireworks).

Here is my resume (certain information has been deleted for privacy):

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