Space-Time Continuum - a thesis

What Would it Feel Like to Travel in Time?

The question above is foolish. We are traveling right now, in time. However, what is being implied here is: what would it feel like to jump from point A to point B in the space-time continuum?

In order to accomplish the space-time continuum jump, we have to:

  1. Rise into the fourth dimension.
  2. Jump to a new point within that dimension.
  3. Descend back into the third dimension.

The rise into the fourth dimension might require an adjustment of our natural body frequencies to a higher energy level. If so, our impression of the space-time continuum jump would be a rising sensation along with the appearance of a bright, white light above, gradually becoming closer and enveloping. The third-dimensional world would darken and descend gradually into a black abyss. Once the light fully envelops us, the change to the fourth dimension is complete.

At this point, it is indeterminate what we would perceive. It is possible that the fourth-dimensional travel (the jump) might be instantaneous to us. That would be fortunate. Our senses can perceive only three dimensions. But, if there is an interval perceivable to us while the travel is taking place, it is possible that we may perceive random, chaotic visions, sounds, feelings, smells, and tastes. Could be nightmare-like. None of this would make sense or be anything important to us. It's totally meaningless to a third-dimensional being. This is because we have no natural reference point for the fourth dimension. Our minds will attempt to resolve what is sensed according to the rules of three dimensions, which means everything will be wrong.

Coming out of the fourth-dimension into the third-dimension, we would experience a descending sensation, with the light withdrawing upwards and the black abyss appearing below. As the light continues withdrawing, the black abyss would continue surrounding us, gradually lightening and becoming formed. At the end, the light above disappears and what was a dark world lightens to the third-dimensional world we are familiar with and can perceive.

Unless a person is trained and prepared for these experiences, any attempt at a space-time continuum jump might cause psychological problems for that person afterward.


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