Digital Signage (DOOH)


Digital Signage/Digital Out-Of-Home

One of the newest ways to promote a business is with Digital Signage (or "Digital Out-Of-Home"). One or more screens are installed in strategic locations inside and/or outside of a business. The screens display a dynamic presentation about the products or services offered by the business. Often, multiple businesses may be promoted by each screen. This is very useful in malls and shopping centers. With Digital Signage in use by major corporations and chains, customers are now expecting these screens while shopping. Small businesses can utilize Digital Signage as well, sharing the cost with neighboring establishments.

Digital Signage can be started with a very simple setup - just a flat panel screen and a player (DVD, Blu-ray). More advanced systems are possible by hosting the content on servers and sending video to the screens via the Internet or WiFi at scheduled intervals.

Sample screen from digital signage video presentation.

Simi Sub Digital Signage from Dave Faige on Vimeo.

  Freeway side LED digital sign at Simi Valley Town Center. Managed by Dave Faige.
This LED digital sign is one of two that are adjacent to the 118 freeway next to the Simi Valley Town Center. The digital signs promote the Town Center's merchants, non-profits holding events at the center, and the Town Center's own events. The signs are managed by Dave Faige.
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